Thursday, January 19, 2006

RB CGIII with Fiedler Day 1 Turn 3

Well Fiedler is living up to his promise to grind up some Russians! I thought his smokescreen would be a blessing in disquise ( that I would chew him up in CC). However this is not the case. He is in the F4 bldg with me and has encircled the squad in the first hex (who ran scared into the basement

ALso on the left flank, he has managed to the B15 bldg. This is due mainly to my error in thinking that troops in cellars could not be shot at accept by ADJ troops. So when I skulked to the basement, I was pounded by an afv and a large FG. Had I just moved back a hex, I could have avoided all this pain and suffering. He now has a ton of squads inside. I'm about to lose a 9-0 commisar and 5-2-7 to a satchel charge to boot!

On the plus side, he has not gone after the right flank with any power. I can stop him from gaining any ground over there (i think).

I hope to jump on a 2 of his 3 afv's in cc on my turn. He stopped adj to russians in both places (see c17/c16)

I also have a lot of heat still concealed by the smoke. I just need to get it into action.

Also I have sniped a 10-2 AND taken out a 9-2 who got too cocky and tried to run with a stack in the open. I fpf'd at them and broke almost the whole stack!

God is GOOD! I have a New RB CG III partner

I posted a request for an opponnent on the StrategyZone online forums for another opponent for RB CGIII

Stefan Fiedler quickly responded and promised to give me a sound thrashing from Sweden.

Well, we'll have to see about that!

I decided to take the Russians and the assualt on Stalingrad has begun.

Fiedler has dropped a smoke barrage on my well defended buildings on the right side of the train tracks. I can't say it was a surpise. Hopefully he'll get close enough for some CC-Stealthy Russian Style!

During his first AFPH he exposed a 10-2 leader (named Fiedler....) in a shot at a mortar on the roof of one of my factories.

An MA shot from one of his tanks activated my San (which I bought up to a 5). Guess where it landed? Yep, right on the 10-2 stack. And my sniper selected that brave leader to wound. It looks pretty bad. He rolled a 6 on the WS and I don't think old "fielder" is going to be around for the aph :)

A nasty blow for the Gerries! More Vodka for the Russians!! HUZZAH~!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

RB CG III with Norm Day 2 (Turn 2)

The Assault has renewed!

The Germans made significant gains on the left (west) yesterday and need to catch up on the right. I want to be able to assault the factories from both sides. This will force Norm to spread out his defense.

I think he prepared for a factory assault today and I plan to push as hard as i can (with troops in the top circle) and to gain more of the map edge on the west (bottom circle) while getting as close to the factories as I dare

Norm has bought armor for today's fight! I wasn't expecting that. No spotting rounds have landed either and that has surprised me as well. I don't think the tanks will cause me too much trouble. I have 4 of my own to deal with them. Although my oldest tank broke his MA at the beginning of turn 2!

Norm vacated most of the stone locations in the west and I think I've already claimed enough of them to have a 2nd day victory.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

RB CG III with Norm End of Day 1

The Germans win day 1!

( I captured 30+ stone locations. I needed 15 to win)

Casualties on both sides were relatively light.

Russian Losses:
  • 4-4-7 x 6
  • 5-2-7 x 2
  • 4-2-6 x 4.5
  • Leaders: 10-0 & 9-10 Commisar
  • Weapons: 45LL, ATR, 5o MTR

German Losses:

  • 4-6-7 x 5
  • 5-4-8 x 3.5
  • Leaders: 9-1
  • Weapons: 2 PzIII's
I learned how important it is to move men into locations that can be connected to my perimeter.
As you can see in the pic. I had a bit of a break away on the left edge. I should have run my squads straight down the edge. This would have opened up a large area for my troops to enter on the next day. Instead i pushed towards the factories.

I assumed that once my troops entered a bldg (if unopposed) they would gain control of it. This is not exactly right. I occupy the two end hexes of the factory in F18 but not the middle. This could have been easily remedied had i understood the perimeter rules better.

I have 20 men and a 9-1 behind enemy lines in the F18 factory. It could be a bad day for them!

I made next to no progress in the north. i pushed my lines down the the main road in e5-v5.

We have done our refit phase for day 2. The Germans will be attacking again.
The Goal? Well I need to even out my lines and start putting pressure on the factories. I need to maximize my gains on the west edge and hold the f18 factory (if possible).

Thursday, October 20, 2005

RB CG III with Norm (Turn 4) German Moves

The Germans have prep fired and moved on Turn 4!

I'm further along than I guessed I would be as far as VC are concerned. I now possess 22 (i think) stone locations. I only need 15 to win this scenario.

All 3 tanks are still alive although I'm living dangerously with them. They are all using vbm sleaze to pin some Ivans down.

My preps have not been very effective. However in a surprising turn of events, my kill stack in B13 fired on 3? In c15 in order to open a hole in the Russian flank through which I hope to grab some more free buildings. Much to my shock there was a 5-2-7 and a 10-0 Commissar in there! I got a 2mc i think and the commissar broke! I had rof 3x and totally wiped out the 5-27.

As you can see in the pic i sacrificed 2 squads trying to make a dash for a hex to cut off the big boy's route path. My last guy made it behind him and I think he will die for FTR!

I think my boys in d15 are safe from further dfire because Norm has fired everyone I can see. I have a melee in e12 when one of the Ivans got cocky and left his hole to come after me last round. No one got ambush and we are held in melee. I' think I'll blast them with an adj squad and hope to break the russian before he can wipe out my leader in hth.

I have not gotten my stukas yet and i'm bummed about that. I may only get 1 or 2 more chances. I've never used airpower before and i'm excited to give it a go.

RB CG III with Norm (Turn 3 cont'd)

Things are taking a decidedly violent turn in Stalingard! The Germans have made it across the street and railway embankments and are against the factory outbuildings. I sucessfully place 3 of 4 demo charges on my turn. However the only effect they had was to pin one squad! I was devestated!

Norm reminded me that this is a long game and I should be patient. He's right. However next turn Norm converted his smoke to an 80mm mortar barrage and spanked my bewildered Germans even more.

The dead pool so far is still rather small: 4.5 German Squads ----2.5 Russian Squads

I am way behind in that regard. However I have taken enough stone locations to win the cg day (i think).

Norm has finally revealed his heavy artillery. I had squad get kia'd by an HMG and 9-1 and he also revealed a 45LL in his Turn 4 preps.

All three of my tanks are still alive. I guess I should focus on getting ground and minimizing losses.

Anyway, we seem to be completed 3 logs per day by pbem. Not too shabby.

RB CG III with Norm (Turn 3)

I've survived to turn 3!

It's been a surreal experience for me so far. I can't believe that only one squad has died so far. I lost a 5-4-8 in cc and that's it! I have broken a single mortar crew.

Lots of dummy stacks have been removed, but due to the oba smoke (3 of them!) the fighting has been diminished as I try to gain ground

My smoke has just disappeared and now I'm left with the task of occupying stone locations in the face of Russian soldiers and 2 more Russian oba module spotting rounds.

I predict that I'll win the first cg date. I need 15 locations to win. As of now I think I own 8 and I will own several more at the end of this turn (I hope). Norm seems to be trying to conserve men and weapons. I hope this backfires as I am able to get land and save men.

I made several mistakes this turn so far. I used my oba as harassing fire (6fp over 19 hexes instead of 16 fp over 7 hexes) I got greedy and ended up only pinning one squad and stripping another. If I get another module today I will use it properly.

Also I have my units very bunched up and prime targets for oba. I should have done more prep fire than I did. My tanks seem useless against ? in stone locations. Their 50L guns are only a 2+3 as area fire. My light mortars are in a similar predicament.

I need to get squads in there to strip these guys.

RB CG III with Norm

I've been bamboozled into playing the largest game in ASL history (i think)!

Norm on Vasl has convinced me to try the RB CG III. We've done setups and the entire 1st turn of day 1 (10/17) by email.

I'm playing the Germans. I've dropped oba smoke (and got a mild breeze on the first wc of the game). In the Russian dfph 2 new oba markers have just appeared!

I decided on a conservative approach to my initial setup on the first day. Both my infantry companies came in more or less together and i'm working my way towards the stone building VC's. Seeing that OBA makes me nervous since i have a target rich environment for the reigning death which will surely hit me next turn!

I've had one squad broken so far and have stripped 3+ dummystacks from the Russian OB.

We are trying to play weekly on Thursdays with pbem supplements.

The picture is of the northwest boundary of the RB map. You can see my oba smoke and one of the ruskie ar's as well. I've got to cross that road and put a hurt on the entrenched russians.

Reinforcements are on the way boys! Hang on :)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Normandy Action Pack Scenario 1 Playtest

Take A Bath Play Test

Amercians have to travel the length of 2 mapboards and exit 40vp to win. The Germans set up HIp and have to get 40CVP to win.

Very fun scenario!
I played Kevin Boles (The_SQL_GURU) again and he set up some nice ambushes as the Germans.
His 37L crew will all receive Iron Crosses! They took out 5 vehicles in two fire phases to wrap up an early victory for the Axis.

The Allies suffer from too many vehicles on too few streets. This bogs play down quite a bit as mf are counted and each vehicle works its way through the inevitable traffic jams.

The Germans could probably use a wider setup area. I pushed the north boundary of the maps and if I had moved more vehicles up there I could have won this scenario very quickly. Why not let the Germans setup using the entire N3 board (or a at least a major portion of it)?

If Kevin's 37L had not been so well placed (and well manned) I think the Allies would have had a swift victory. I imagine that the Allies will have a great many more wins than the axis in this scenario.

Again I think this could be remedied with a larger setup area and a bit more troops (maybe 2 more squads)

The Allies could use a bit less metal just to help the game move along faster. 8 turns is a good number. I should have taken more time and unloaded more troops to scan for that bloody gun!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed playing. I like scenarios that reward creativity.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Devil's Hill (T10) & Ray Woloszyn

This past Wednesday I played the Devil's Hill scenario against ASL master (he's got his name on an original ASL counter) Ray Woloszyn.

I expected to lose, but the absolute destruction wreaked upon me was breathtaking. I was completely demolished in 3 turns.

I played the Americans who are supposed to storm a level 3 hill against some entrenced 2nd line Germans (who have an hmg, mmg and 75ART). ROAR has this scenario pretty balanced with a 66-52 in favor of the Germans.

Ray rolled extremely well and my 9-2 leader broke 2x along with all his squads.

My big mistake was trying to move around the right flank with 2 squads, mmg, and baz with an 8-1. They made it to a relatively unprotected side of the hill. The goal was to cut off the reinforcements due to arrive on turns 3 and 4. They am'd up a hill into woods on level one and retained concealment.

Their only attackers were a half squad and full squad in two locations. a 2+1 shot was the best Ray could get. Well that's all he needed! He rolled a 1,2 and sripped me of concealment with a 1mc.

The leader pinned and both squads broke. I learned something new that night. If a squad breaks they no longer count as having assault moved in that phase. Therefore when the halfsquad fired they did not have the DRM's for ? or for AM!. Bad news.
To add insult to injury, Ray's reinforcemnts arrived and propmptly surrounded my broken squads and took 20 prisoners on the next turn!

Ray is a fantastic opponent and is willing to sit and go over our strategies after the game. He told me that i always need at least 1 (but preferably 2) HS to act as rear guard for my flanking force. If the main line breaks, they need a safe route path.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Few Returned (R-4)

I've played 1.5 turns of R4 against The_SQl_Guru (Kevin). I'm the Russians, and am advancing against a small Italian garrison in a hilly village. On turn 2 I had some partisans join the fray. We are wreaking havoc right now on the much smaller Italian force but on turn 4 a small army of reinforcements is going to show up (12 squads, 10-2, hero and a bunch of sw's and other nastiness) to take back the town. I need to hold equal or > 1/2 the buildings to win.

On my first movment phase i lost one of my two t-34s to a fantastic side shot by the Guru from a 47mm gun emplaced high in the village.

My sniper has been active (removing a dummy stack and breaking the crew of his other gun)

My partisans have been extremely brave in the face of a lmg and hmg which opened up on them as they crossed the fields into the town. The lmg broke and the (HIP) Hmg only succeded in getting a KIA on the partisan leader (8-1). It hurts but it could have been much worse. They survied a 6-3 and 2 4-2 shots!

I made a rookie mistake by not moving my remaining tank into better position against the lmg stack that was waiting for the partisan arrival. The Guru, gracious and helpful as always & in keeping with the spirit of the play test, told me to reposition my tank in the proper spot.

It's the Italian turn 2. They have to hold out for 2 more turns before the cavalry arrives. The Russians have to get into position for a tough defense.

So far this is turning out to be a incredibly fun scenario. Thanks Mark Pitcavage for letting us take part!

Just played R11. I played as the Romanian. Russian conceded on the
bottom of the fourth turn as the last mobile tank was CH'd.

Fun: I had fun with a rof of 3 on no less than 6 pieces of ord. !
Thats a lot of rolling. Did not look like fun for the Russians
though, as their options amounted to which direction to drive their
tanks, and if they should leave their infantry at the entry edge for
the whole game or watch them get slautered trying to aproach the

balance: Can't tell yet

Problems with scenario card:
Victory conditions are poorly worded; exit off of which board edge
(s)? Is that really just 1 tank that needs to exit?
What is a 'White Scout Car'?

-Change the VC.
-Give the infantry a purpose. As it stands, both sides' non
mortar/gun toting infantry could be removed from the OB with hardly
an effect on the game except speeding it up.
-Let the Romanians set-up off the hill and give them a roadblock
(maybe get an underbelly hit if the tanks have to cross the walls)
and a couple of AT Mines. This looks like a a fun scenario to
employ a reverse slope defense. The thought of those mines might
keep the Russians off the roads. The set-up off the hills would
help the Russian infantry close and get in the fight.
-Switch the 4-5-8's to 6-2-8's. If the Russians close the range,
they should be rewarded with a close in slaughter(plus I love the
image in my head of Siberians with the smg's riding on T-34's in the